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"The Secrets of ISIS" (2024)

This was done in Storyboard Pro. I was given base audio to work with, I ended up editing my sound to fit my boards. 

"Colegate Ad Comp" (2024)

This project was completed in Storyboard Pro. I was given a product (Colgate Two in One) and instructed to create an advertisement for it. I found and edited sound and voice acting together, in addition to my boards.

"The Ant Wizard" (2023)

These boards are from a student film that I participated in as director, writer, and storyboard artist. 

"Something In the Way" (2022)

 This was my first attempt at (in addition to  boarding)  writing, doing sound, and finding voice actors for a short bit. 

"Late Knight T.V." (2022)

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